Outsiders NYC Bronx Ride 2019

Join the Outsiders for an epic day of biking, sightseeing and brewery hangs as we cruise the Hudson River waterfront from Manhattan to the Bronx for a party at the famous Bronx Brewery.

Our 12 mile, slow-roll bike ride along the west side of Manhattan highlights scenic vistas of the Hudson River and a stop at the base of the George Washington Bridge to see a secret spot most folks don’t even know about. Our friends at Clif Bar will are back to help us fuel our ride with delicious snack along the way. From there we’ll continue through Harlem and into the Port Morris neighborhood of the Bronx for hangs at the Bronx Brewery. The brewery has hooked us up with a $5 happy hour and we’ll be planning a tasty lunch. 

Space is limited, you MUST rsvp by purchasing your ticket via the link below. Tickets are $20 x person, bike rentals are offered separately through Unlimited Biking. Click here to rent a bike if you need one:



The ride departs from our friends at Unlimited Biking at 455 12th Avenue along the Hudson River Greenway. Guests need to check-in by 12:30PM to be confirmed for the ride. The ride leaves promptly at 1PM this is a one-way ride so guests will be responsible for getting themselves back home. The ride is approximately 12 miles and will take roughly 2.5 hours to complete including stops. This is a Family-Friendly and casual ride so feel free to bring the whole family.


– Water. Bring it! You’ll want to hydrate along the way.

– Headphones OR bluetooth speakers. We want ya’ll to rock out to some tunes on the ride! Clif Bar is providing some bluetooth speakers which we’ll use to play the music. If you have your own, definitely bring it OR bring a pair of headphones. Just be sure to wear headphones in one ear, it’s illegal to wear them both while riding.

– Your smart phone (duh). You should have Google Maps downloaded on your phone to use it in a case you get lost along the way. We’ll provide guides to lead the ride but you should know where we’re going just in case you have a bike issue or need to stop for some reason. We’ll also give everyone a bike map so they know where the closest bike shop is anywhere in NYC. Here is the link to the route:


– cash $$ We’ll be making a stops along the way for a snacks compliments of Clif Bar and will finish up at the Bronx Brewery where we’ve coordinated a tasty lunch. You’ll want to have cash on you to buy lunch and drinks when we get there. The brewery will extend $5 happy hour beers for specific beers only.


– TAKE PICS and share them on Instagram and Facebook! We’ll be using the hashtag #outsidersny #feedyouradventure #perfectsunday throughout the ride and want to see smiling faces! Also tag all of the organizers @outsidersny and @clifbar


12:30 Registration and Bike Rentals

1PM – Depart for Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge

1:44PM – Arrive at Little Red Lighthouse for Clif Bar sponsored stop

2:30PM – Head to Bronx Brewery

3:15PM – Arrive at Bronx Brewery



Whereas the tour will involve a tasting at the Bronx Brewery, the Outsiders and Clif Bar (collectively, “we” or “us” or “our”), we do not sell or serve alcoholic beverages on the tour, nor do we condone or encourage participants to drink alcohol or get intoxicated. You hereby confirm and agree that you are 21 years of age or older and that you are voluntarily participating in the tour. You are strongly urged to desist from taking alcoholic beverages or to control your consumption to within legally permissible limits while on the tour. Please note that riding a bicycle while intoxicated could lead to serious accidents that could cause injury or even death. You hereby release, waive and discharge us, our respective affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, employees, members and agents from any and all liability for any and all claims, demands, losses or damages brought on account of any injury, death or damaged property, arising out of or caused by your actions, negligence or recklessness, whether due to you being under the influence of alcohol or otherwise. In the event of any claims, demands, losses or damages brought against us, our affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, employees, members and agents on account of your actions, negligence or recklessness, you hereby agree to indemnify us fully in respect of said claims.