Jersey City Fitness by JC Nightlife

As a night life person, someone who moves and shakes in the night.  I sometimes forget that there are many types and forms of nightlife, it’s not all bars, lounges, clubs and the like.  People enjoy and chose different forms entertainment that span a great deal of activities, and we are here to share them.

JC nightlife is taking on a new initiative. Jersey City Fitness by JC Nightlife. What we have come to notice is that there is a ton of interesting, exciting, and active choices for nightlife activities here in Jersey City, and they should not be ignored. 

This is not going to be a vlog on Dj Marvilous’ journey to get back in shape, nah!  We have created the Fitness Page to highlight our city’s many active evening activities that will keep you in shape so you can actually party all weekend. 

We will be covering everything from the best classes to attend and for what, meal plans that you can prepare or purchase, and plenty of fitness tips and events.  Follow us on our other IG Page @jcityfitness