Is Jersey City Nightlife Ready for “The Door Guy”

Is Jersey City Nightlife Ready for “The Door Guy”

Jersey Nightlife is on the verge of being something epic. With the many great venues, variety of music whether it be DJ’s or Bands, we definitely have something special on our hands here.  So, a question that I have been brewing over in my head for some time now is, do certain Jersey City venues or Jersey City nightlife in general need “the door guy”?

Now, I’m not talking about the big security dude dressed in all black in front of the Keyhole checking ID’s. I’m thinking more of the extremely stylish, somewhat well mannered, slightly rude door guy that in the past, we’ve all grown to love and hate. Doesn’t that make a place seem a bit more official?  Everyone can get a drink at Grove Corner Bar.  A proper door guy will make a huge difference at several other locations.

I want a superficial, clipboard in hand, judgmental door guy. One that will tell some of bros, “they are not getting in with those shoes on”  What’s wrong with that?  Next time they come to said venue, they will step their game up.  They won’t just come out on a Friday night in a Sunday afternoon outfit.

As for the ladies, gone will be the day when you can just leave your Hot Yoga or Hip-Hop Zumba class, and try and turn up at the club. The door guy will be the buffer. He will tell you to “go home and class it up, get out of those $5 C.H. Martin black leggings, this is not George St. in New Brunswick”.

Some may say this is a little aggressive for Jersey City. I personally think we should hold ourselves to some set of standards. If Jersey City Nightlife is going to be a step ahead of the rest, we have to act like it is. A proper door guy is a personality, a greeter, somewhat of a promoter in many cases.  They know who’s who, and can spot who’s not in a matter of seconds.  We are all looking for a great time, with great people, in a great venue.  Eventually that means that not everyone is going to get in.  Facts.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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